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Cedar Ridge Christian Church Music Camp

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Face-to-Face auditions on May 23, 2021 at 3:00 pm Londyn A. (Kindergarten)
Gavin C. (Fourth Grade)
Harper C. (Third Grade)
Poppy C. (Kindergarten)
Augustine M. (First Grade)
Kaylee H. (Third Grade)
Chloe H. (First Grade)
Cooper L. (Fourth Grade)
Nick R. (Fourth Grade)
Digital auditions, due May 23, 2021 Raegan H. (Fourth Grade)
Liberty H. (Second Grade)
Sophie R. (First Grade)
Evalyn N. (Fourth Grade)
Isabella P. (Fifth Grade)
Preston P. (Third Grade)
Joanna B. (Fifth Grade)
Selah B. (First Grade)
Tatum K. (Second Grade)
Kodi K. (Fourth Grade)
Payton H. (Kindergarten)
Katie O. (Fifth Grade)
Zoe K. (Fourth Grade)
Sarah M. (First Grade)
Mia P. (Fifth Grade)
Lincoln G. (Kindergarten)
Olivia V. (Third Grade)
No longer interested Alexandra M. (Second Grade)
Noah G. (Third Grade)
Ethan M. (Kindergarten)
Gavin S. (Second Grade)
Zoey U. (First Grade)
Payton C. (Kindergarten)
Brooklyne M. (Kindergarten)
Teigen C. (Kindergarten)
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Can I arrive any time after 3:00pm?
No, please arrive just a few minutes prior to 3:00pm.
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